If you planned for your exams, if you planned for your vacations…..is it not high time you planned for your finances?

Let us take you through this maze of financial planning. If you are wondering how you are going to pay for your little genius's education, or for your father's medical bill or what you will do in retirement, you are asking a simple question. How do I make financial choices?

So simple. First write down your alternatives. In financial jargon we like to call it "financial goals". Then break them into needs, nice to have and good to have categories. Then start allocating funds for the goals.

Once you have done it (initially on paper!) check for the possible roadblocks - is it critical illness or death of the breadwinner which can stop the family from reaching the goals? Such risks can also be protected against!

This whole business of goal setting, funding them, protecting against risk, documentation of assets and liabilities, making the will etc are all steps in financial planning.

All your past financial activities are captured in your TODAY's Net Worth Statement, where you want to go is captured by your goals statement, and how much money you have to achieve the same is captured by your budget statement.

The financial health check will tell you whether you are on the right track - and act like a compass in your future financial journey.

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